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Tip – 10 Things to do Before Your Big Presentation, Part 1

By October 2, 2017February 9th, 2019No Comments
pre-event preparation list for your big presentation, part 1 of 2

All too often, I have witnessed presentations loose their impact (small and big), due to unplanned problems and issues. And that includes me! Just the other day my laptop had nearly run out of battery during my three-hour workshop. It forced me to take a break and lose 10 minutes of time as I was trying to figure out the problem. I stressed out knowing full well that it was charged when I left the hotel room. Two lucky things… one of the participants lent me his laptop and second, I discovered my laptop power cord went bad… something I didn’t even realize happened. Having my presentation on a flash drive made for the transition to the borrowed laptop easy.

Most, if not all, of the negative impact comes from an unplanned circumstance. And most, if not all, can be minimized or eliminated with your own Pre-Event Preparation List.

Here are some pre-event suggestions to ensure your big presentation goes smoothly.

In part two of this tip, I’ll cover some suggestions for you when you arrive on-site.


  1. Bring a flash drive with your presentation, workbook, video, and audio files. Test it from the flash drive
  2. Print your presentation to paper with your delivery notes
  3. Bring a six-foot USB extension cord. You may need it for your flash drive and/or your presentation device
  4. Bring your own presentation device with backup batteries. Bring only fully charged batteries
  5. Bring your own laptop with an extension cord. Charge fully your battery
  6. Print out your biography and/or introduction and bring it with you
  7. Bring your own bottle of water (no caffeinated beverages)
  8. Bring your own timing device (e.g., watch, mini-sized clock, professional presentation timer) or purchase a reliable app for your smart device
  9. Print out driving directions (yes, print them out. I’ve been in big cities before like Chicago and New York City where the GPS couldn’t figure out my location properly because of the tall buildings… learned my lesson)
  10. Ensure your mobile telephone is full charged
  11. Bonus:  Consider driving the route in advance to determine parking, distance, traffic, etc.


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Ira Koretsky

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