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Create Your Fortune Cookie Moment – Story

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story about customer service, with fortune cookie

The other night, my wife and I visited one of our local Chinese restaurants for the food and of course, for the fortune cookie. Our waitress, while efficient, was one of the most dour, serious-faced individuals we ever came across. Never even the hint of a smile.

Our “how are you this evening?” was met with a flat, “Fine, thank you.” She wasn’t rude, just not very welcoming. It felt as if we were a burden on her dreary day.

It felt as if we were a burden on her dreary day.

It became a personal challenge for us to see if we could break her stony demeanor. We were unsuccessful. Although, I think I caught a glimpse of a smirk as I snatched the last piece of Peking Duck off the serving plate.

The meal ended with a traditional fortune cookie. We could not help laughing aloud at the fortune in my fortune cookie. It was almost as if someone were watching the whole episode (see picture below).

Of course, we laughed harder when we noticed our waitress glaring at us disapprovingly from across the room.

This fortune cookie moment made me think of the old proverb, “If you live long enough, everything will happen to you.”

“If you live long enough, everything will happen to you.”

Life is filled with boons and tragedies, and you never know what someone else is going through. Kindness, compassion, and understanding should be our mantras. Offer warmth, whether returned or not.

In the end, we gave her a good tip. Maybe, she needed a little something extra in her life. Maybe, we’ll shift her mindset, even a little. Maybe, just maybe, we made her smile.

What’s your fortune cookie moment? Create your own fortune cookie moment.

Thank you John for sharing your wonderful “Fortune Cookie Moment” story. It is a perfect example of a Today Story. It also has an excellent Better Tomorrow Message™.

You can find John on LinkedIn and learn more about his public speaking and training.

fortune cookie - story about customer service

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