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Fun with Words – Baseball Slang, Lingo, and Jargon

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black and white, from 1937 baseball all stars, 7 players from different teams, in front of official photographer

I was doing some research and up popped an interesting link in the search on baseball jargon. Thought I would share some slang words and phrases for baseball.

Next time you are watching a game, dazzle your friends with some new baseball lingo.


  1. Annie Oakley:  A free ticket to attend a game or base on balls to get to first base… a free pass
  2. Baltimore Chop:  Ball forcefully hit into the ground near home plate, producing a bounce high above the head of a fielder
  3. Bazooka:  Strong throwing arm. “He’s got a bazooka”
  4. Bender:  A curve ball
  5. Catch Napping:  To surprise a less than alert runner with the result that he is picked off or suddenly caught between bases
  6. Ducks on the Pond:  Runners on base
  7. Fireman:  A team’s closer
  8. Five:  Refers to the shortstop, in scorekeeping shorthand (every player has a number)
  9. Five Hole:  The baseball passes between a player’s legs, especially the catcher’s
  10. Five O’clock Hitter:  Refers to a hitter who hits well in batting practice (which is held around 5:00 p.m. for night games) but not well in games
  11. Hot Corner:  Third Base
  12. Knee Buckler:  Breaking ball, typically a curveball, that breaks very sharply, so much so that the batter freezes unsure of where the ball is going
  13. Lollipop:  A soft pitch or weak throw
  14. Mustard:  Refers to a lot of velocity on a fastball
  15. Pickle:  When a base runner is caught in a rundown
  16. Rally Caps:  A term for a superstitious practice among players and fans alike that turn their caps inside out and/or backwards in a close game in the hopes of getting their team hitting
  17. Rhubarb:  A ruckus with the umpires; confusion; a fight between players
  18. Whiff:  For a pitcher to strike out a batter
  19. Worm Burner:  Batted ball that moves across the ground hard and fast


Photography Source: 1937 Baseball All Stars, Wikipedia

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