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"How Improvisational Humor Training Helps You Sell" (Article)
“What Do You Do?” Design and Deliver a Compelling Elevator Speech (Tip Guide)

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U.S. - Style Communications

Become a More Confident and Persuasive Communicator


Would You Like To...?
  • Adapt faster to the local culture and language of business
  • Build yourself into a more confident and persuasive public speaker to U.S. audiences
  • Make impactful first and lasting impressions
  • Collaborate better with your U.S. colleagues and speed up decision-making cycles
  • Improve workplace effectiveness among multi-cultural team members
What You Will Gain
We show you how to adapt and localize your spoken, print, email, and social media communications to more effectively engage U.S. audiences. Using proven processes, The Chief Storyteller helps you:
  • Improve every day, sometimes incrementally and sometimes with big, “aha” moments
  • Develop audience-centered messages and stories that inspire action
  • Blend the best of your communications and presentation skills with U.S. business and cultural norms

Practical, Results-Driven Services
The Chief Storyteller market specialties include:  U.S. Federal Government, Security, IT/Telecom, Bio, Health, Science, and Energy.

After learning about you, your cultural traditions, goals, and challenges, we develop a customized program from over 10 knowledge modules. Select from:

Personalized Executive Coaching
Designed For:   CEOs, CXOs, and Executives
Duration:   30, 60, and 90 minute confidential sessions weekly or monthly
Talent Development Programs
Designed For:   Directors, Rising Stars, and General Professional Development
Duration:   30 minutes to full day, monthly, and quarterly







Generating Results - Success Stories
Over the past 11 years, The Chief Storyteller team has consulted to, trained, and presented to more than 27,000 people around the world. Examples of our collaborative successes include:
  • Quadrupled The Chief Information Group’s annual revenue to $2 million in just 6 months
  • Developed a powerful presentation for IntelliDyne, helping it win a $94 million contract
  • Tripled Altum’s revenue from $3 million to $9.5 million by revamping its entire proposal
  • Rewrote oXya’s website and success stories to better appeal to U.S. audience’s needs

If you are not generating the results you want, contact us today and let
us show you how to be a more confident and compelling communicator in the USA
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