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Tip of the Week

Reduce Jargon and Complexity

Magazines and newspapers write between the eighth and 10th grade levels. Why so simple? To ensure everyone understands the message and content. And most importantly, quickly.

Here are some suggestions to increase your messaging impact:
- Reduce jargon and acronyms to an absolute minimum
- Keep your sentences short. Keep them to a maximum of 15 words
- Keep your paragraphs short. Keep them to a maximum of four sentences
- Use the free Readability Tools included with Microsoft Word® . Target 50 and above for the Flesch Reading Ease and target 10th grade or lower for the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level
- Ask the opinions of people outside your organization and industry. Do they REALLY understand your messages? And appreciate them?
- Imagine asking your children, parents, and grandparents to review your communications materials. Would they understand your messages? Even better, actually ask one of them
- Rewrite, rewrite, rewrite. Edit ruthlessly.


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