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Success Stories
Better people. Better organizations. Better performance.  <Learn more>


You eat the lunches of the other presentation training firms. I learned more hands-on and immediately applicable techniques than with the other guys—and I have been to several of them. Working with you has made a huge difference.

— Wayne Jackson
Senior Advisor
Charles Schwab

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Better people. Better organizations. Better performance.  <More>

Our business isn’t easy for an outsider to understand. Your pre-interviews and homework really made the difference. I came away with specific suggestions that I could incorporate immediately – without having to buy into a brand new way of going about my day.

— Nicole Halloran
Business Development Manager
Appleton Coated

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Better Communications.

Better Organizations.

Better Performance.

Are you looking to inspire your Vistage members with fresh perspectives? To engage them with proven approaches to improve the effectiveness of their communications, in their own authentic way? To increase their top and bottom lines?

Contact Ira Koretsky, CEO of The Chief Storyteller®, to learn more. View video clips here.

He provides action-oriented advice to enable your members to:
- Reshape personal experiences into powerful, high-impact business stories
- Improve confidence by developing effective communication techniques
- Build stronger and more profitable relationships with clients, prospects, and staff

Executive Storytelling:  How to Use Stories to Engage, Persuade, and Inspire

Vistage Subject:  Personal/Professional Development

What if the right story inspired the right action from your team? What if the right story landed you that top recruit? What if the right story gained board approval? What difference could that “right story” mean to you? The Chief Storyteller® shows you how to turn your experiences into powerful stories that engage and inspire your stakeholders. Join Ira for a transformative experience where you will:

  • Come away with concrete techniques to develop high-impact leadership stories
  • Start developing your own “Story Library”
  • Learn how to use your voice and body to be a more effective communicator
  • Become more confident in delivering your messages to any audience

Value to Your Members
Through a lively and insightful program, Ira will challenge members to “think deliberately” about how they communicate their stories to various stakeholders. Your members receive specific ideas and constructive feedback to improve the effectiveness of their communications. They receive a rich set of resources including training aids and a copy of the presentation.

 Let's set up a program today. Your members will generate ideas they can implement the next day.