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You eat the lunches of the other presentation training firms. I learned more hands-on and immediately applicable techniques than with the other guys—and I have been to several of them. Working with you has made a huge difference.

— Wayne Jackson
Senior Advisor
Charles Schwab

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Thought-Provoking Program Exclusive to Vistage

Are you looking to inspire your Vistage members with fresh perspectives? To engage them with proven approaches to improve their top line? Ira Koretsky, CEO, The Chief Storyteller®, designed a program just for Vistage groups. Ira has traveled around the world providing high-energy, fun, and content-rich experiences.

He provides action-oriented ideas for your members to:  a) Close more deals, faster; b) Get prospects to say, “Tell me more!”; and c) Develop a toolbox filled with communications tools that build brand awareness and improve financial results.

Your members will be using the concepts and tools from "The Way of the Story" for years to come.

The Way of the Story:  Turn Your Key Messages into Your Competitive Advantage 
Everything you say, write, and post online should convey the right message to your target audiences. The right message unifies your brand story whenever your target audiences interact with your employees, products, and services. When communicated effectively, the right messages open doors to long and successful business relationships. Examples of messaging opportunities include your elevator speech, executive presentations, success stories, and your website. Join Ira for a high-energy experience in an interactive “learning lab” environment. You will:

  • Leave with specific and concrete ways of increasing revenue and improving customer retention
  • Identify the right messages to use in your sales and marketing communications
  • Turn one key personal experience into an inspiring, message-driven story
  • Stay engaged with practical ideas and thought-provoking exercises you can implement immediately
  • Receive a candid and constructive assessment of one of your message elements (e.g., sales brochure, success story, and website) following your program

Value to Members:
Members receive practical, tangible, and immediately applicable suggestions for improving their sales and marketing communications. Through a lively and insightful program, Ira provides your members with specific ideas to improve sales success. He will challenge them to think differently and more deliberately about how they communicate their key messages to prospects, clients, investors, partners, and staff. Included with each session are a rich set of resources including a workbook, tip guides, articles, and copy of the presentation.


We are happy to customize programs and content to meet the needs of your Vistage Group.
Let's set up a program today. Your members will generate ideas they can implement the next day.