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Unforgettable Communications

Taking Your Organisation and Leaders to New Levels

Delivering Customised Programmes in London & Belfast, Starting Fall 2014

Ira Koretsky, Managing Director, The Chief Storyteller®, offers a different outlook on the world of communications. Within minutes, he will fundamentally change the way you communicate.

He has taken his 27 years of experience across nine countries and designed programmes for  executives and organisations seeking to apply practical techniques and tools to real-world challenges. When implemented, these new ways of thinking will:
   - Enhance leadership capabilities by reshaping your mindset and your skillset
   - Improve staff effectiveness through better workplace messaging
   - Unify your messages across your written, spoken, and online channels
   - Enable development of audience-centered messages and stories that inspire action
   - Increase loyalty and revenue with unforgettable communications

Customised, Engaging, & Entertaining Programmes
The Chief Storyteller’s workshops can be delivered anywhere—at your office, conference, or online. Select a one-hour, half-day, or full-day programme from these popular topics. We are happy to design a programme matching your specific requirements.

1. Be Unforgettable:  Turn Your Personal Experiences into Inspiring, Message-Driven Stories
2. The Way of the Story:  Make Your Organisational Stories Your Competitive Advantage
3. U.S. Style Communications:  Create Engaging and Compelling Communications for U.S. Audiences

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We are happy to customise programmes to meet your needs. Contact us today.
Learn more about improving your sales, marketing, and executive effectiveness.


1.  Be Unforgettable
Turn Your Personal Experiences into Inspiring, Message-Driven Stories
The best communicators are storytellers. Storytellers use the power of personal experience to bring you along on their journey, creating lasting relationships, memories and impact. Learn how to turn your experiences into high-impact, engaging messages you can use in your presentations, training, meetings, etc.

2.  The Way of the Story
Make Your Organisational Stories Your Competitive Advantage
Effective business stories are memorable, powerful messages that prompt audiences to say, “Tell me more.” These stories are the spoken, written, and online communications you use to connect to your target audiences such as your presentations, case studies, social media, and website. Apply practical and immediately applicable techniques and tools to develop your high-impact messages and stories.

3.  U.S. Style Communications
Create Engaging and Compelling Communications for U.S. Audiences
In this lively programme, we show you how to reframe your mindset for American audiences. Whether you are working in an international organisation or trying to sell into the U.S., learn best practices to reframe your style, messages, and graphics to more effectively engage U.S. audiences. Apply easy-to-use tools to leverage the best of your skills and your organisation’s communications abilities.