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Whether your event is for 100 or 10,000, Ira Koretsky will inspire your attendees and members to “Think deliberately.”  <More>

Help your association grow with customized workshops. Participants stay engaged with insightful exercises and practical ideas.  <More>

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Learn how others like you turned their communications into results.  <Go>


Accelerate Your Success

Our consulting process is deliberate. We show your membership, marketing, and development teams how, what, and where to add value to every spoken and written interaction with your members, volunteers, board, donors, sponsors, and advertisers.

We quickly ramp up getting to know your world and are adept at developing messages and deliverables for association, not-for-profits, charities, and foundations. We work with you to cultivate mindshare from a target group, attract visitors to a particular place, promote a cause or social issue to a specific consumer segment, or encourage others to contribute to the success of a cause-related organization.

Customized to your goals and staff needs, highlights of your engagement include:

  • Proven five-step process that accelerates membership, revenue, and non-dues revenue success
  • Comprehensive knowledge modules—10 available à la carte
  • Over 36 deliverables such as your elevator speech (answer to "What do you do?"); creative ways to build relationships with volunteers and members; and donor and sponsor presentations
  • More than 100 hands-on and fun exercises to make learning lasting and more enjoyable
  • Library of practical tip guides  
  • Content development for newsletters, website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, videos and YouTube, blogs, white papers, press releases, and articles


If you are not generating the results you want, contact us today and let
us show you how to design, develop, and deliver "I need to join!" messages