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About Us: Improving Your Effectiveness

We look at the world of communications and messaging differently than most. We look at the world through the lens of storytelling, with a twist. The twist comes from the passion and insights of our founder, Ira Koretsky (read his story).

The twist is that we consider every message you share verbally, in print, and online as an element of your organizational story. From the smallest element such as a logo pen to a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, each message element helps unify your organizational story and your brand story whenever your target audience comes in contact with your messages, employees, products, and services.

Did you know there are well over 500 elements that help make your communications unforgettable?

Great communications are the engine of great relationships.
Great relationships are the engine of continued success.

Based on more than 30 years of experience, research and refinement, we developed a process shared internationally to over 28,000 people (examples of success stories). This flexible process helps you design, develop, and deliver highly targeted messages to your audiences.

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